Quantum is the place for those whose creativity and life style is seen in everything that surrounds them, is the way of a taste which is not stopped at an average and ordinary, but urges towards special and unique, is the performance of the latest world technology in the field of floor and wall ceramics, as well as bathroom equipment, is the selection of products and manufacturers singled out from a mass, presenting the ones who are worth it, meaning the quality without compromise, program based on an original designers’ concept, represented by the architects and designers who input their recognizable style into projects, helps in choosing, making projects and tile placing and their implementation.
The Quantum company has been importing ceramics and bathroom equipment for many years. .. But, unlike others, it employs architects from the very beginning.
This fact is to verify the urge to, in this line of business, achieve the outmost level of proficiency.
By making the new concept, the architects have gotten the opportunity to choose the manufacturers and products which to present, and to give the idea for the salon interior. (“HOH” in Novi Sad and “89” in Belgrade), where they would b shown in the most presentable way.
We have chosen 16 distinguished factories, especially because of the way they mould and design their products, seeing them appropriate for our sensibility.
Quantum’s concept is to follow the whole process of materialization of a space: choice of elements, project design and the work.
In practice it looks like this: after the first introductory meeting with a client, the location is visited to see and to measure the space exactly . After that, the second meeting is held, at which the possibilities are discussed on what the space can offer with consideration to taste and sensibility of the client, the tiles and the rest of the equipment are chosen. That gives us the starting point to create possible solutions of how the elements should be placed, in order to have the client and the architect find the best one. Then the technical part of the job follows, where the drawings for the pluming, elements’ installation and project of tile placing are made.
Using our previous experience which shows that, beside our supervision, the unprofessional workmen can destroy even the most carefully planed interior, we have decided to form our own team of workmen, who have, after finishing a brief course and were introduced to our material, have been equipped with quality tools and working equipment. By doing that, we have achieved to have the percentage of possible mistake drawn down to a minimum, and to prove that is the very interior of our salon, where the result of our concept is very obvious.
Another novelty is a line of unique bathroom furniture ’made by Quantum’, designed and made by us from the most quality material. We have not chosen only modern forms, but we find our inspiration in classics as well.
We have also found ourselves in equipping newly built buildings, whilst we agree with an investor on adequate line of tiles and sanitary equipment. Thanks to many years of experience. The whole process of choosing, ordering, import and installation is organized in the best way possible.
We hope that this could give the picture of our concept from this brief introduction.
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